Semalt Gives Ideas On How To Make Effective Social Media Campaign That Goes Viral

Planning a social media campaign is a procedural process that requires execution of high level of originality and innovation. The primary aim of social media campaigns is to build up validity, trust, and to develop a sense of belonging to clients. This year, social media marketers have been using seasonal schemes to help them get along with clients and achieve business goals and objectives.

As a social media marketer, you need to come up with impeccable social media ideas and impeccable creativity to attract a good number of viewers to your campaign, and essentially converting them to be your potential buyers and reliable customers.

The expert of Semalt, Digital Services, Oliver King gives the list of impeccable ideas that will help you to achieve a high rate of sales conversion.

Create a great video

In social media marketing, videos have become the most widely used form of social media campaigns. Videos play a key role as they are easily shared and reach most users. Consider including informative videos in your social media campaigns. Also, fill them with interactive nature to enable your users share the content easily. For instance, Kate Spade faced a huge success after introducing a video-based campaign featuring Anna Kendrick. That campaign went viral.

Build up a blend of emotions

Few years ago, Burberry hit the headlines after creating an effective social media campaign "From London with Love". You can create a video with emotional tweets and pins and see your campaign going viral.

Award your fans

Building wide brand exposure and users engagement is a necessary prerequisite when it comes to social media marketing. You can encourage your followers in the social media platforms to like your brand and leverage the engagement. Electric Festival Style is an example of a seasonal social media campaign that was launched by Urban Decay and has got a huge success. You can award your fans with amazing coupons and tickets.

Comment giveaways

Giveaways invoke users to have a deep understanding of your product and in return, buildup the trust to your brand. Consider asking your followers a simple question, and they will keep commenting on your giveaway all day long.

Promote a social cause

Promoting a social cause is one way of leveraging engagement on your users by letting your customers getting engaged with your product. In the long run, you can end up funding a charity course, where all clients attending the charity gets a chance to have a direct engagement with your product. Social media marketing should be all inclusive to reach huge success.

Offer amazing sales and discounts

Offering seasonal discounts attracts clients to your brand. To achieve a high rate of conversion in your social media campaign, offer amazing discounts and sales to reach the greatest user engagement. For instance, take advantage of holidays time to increase conversions in your campaign.

Demonstrate great values

Building the trust when it comes to social media marketing cannot be emphasized enough. Demonstrating great values, sharing positivity and giving back to society attracts a large number of users to your campaign. High levels of philanthropy pay rewards. For instance, TD Bank's social media campaign, MakeTodayMatter hit more than 3.5 million shares after demonstrating what great will means in the society.

Create innovative giveaways

Unique giveaway campaigns work to expose users in a very special way. Use clear and enticing texts to give users and customers a chance of participating in your social media campaign.

Lead holidays social media campaigns

Take advantage of public holidays to boost user's engagement. Holidays are a good time of having good interactions with your customers and users. Let your customers know how thankful you are for their continued interaction and participation in your campaign.

Social media campaigns play the key role in building up the trust and loyalty between users and marketers. Visibility and exposure are the two main pillars on which social media campaigns stand. Make your social media campaign reach a huge success by implementing on practice the ideas mentioned above and enjoy impressive conversions.